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Academic Year 16/17

Write down the wiki address:

501 Students

For the next class you need to buy:
  • 3 notebooks (1 for class work, 2 for homework)
  • 2 text books: Gold Advanced Course Book and Exam Maximiser without key.



Tuesday/Thursday Group

Tuesday - Reading/Use of English exercise + writing corrections. (to complete for Thursday)
Thursday - A composition (to complete over the weekend) ALL CAE WRITINGS ARE 220-260 WORDS.

Wednesday Group

A Reading/Use of English exercise + a composition + writing corrections.

612 - December Exam Group


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Powerpoints and presentations:

First class presentation:


Progress Tests

Tuesday/Thursday Group

Thursday 5th of November - Reading and Use of English - 1 hour 30 minutes.
Thursday 10th of December - Writing part 1 Formal Essay - 45 minutes.

Wednesday Group

Wednesday 4th of November - Reading and Use of English - 1 hour 30 minutes.
Wednesday 9th of December - Writing part 1 Formal Essay - 45 minutes.

Final Exams

January 2016 - Dates not confirmed yet.


The following things will earn you a bad mark on the register:
  • Being late
  • Not doing homework
  • Not bringing books/other materials
  • Disrespecting me or your classmates
  • Using your phone when not instructed to do so


We will be using some apps in class, for the next class please download the following to your phones:
  • quizlet
  • nearpod
  • kahoot

Homework Today

  • Buy the books and notebooks
  • Download and install the apps
  • Create an account on and join the CIC group.
How to make a quizlet account:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "sign up"
  3. Create a free account, you can do this via Facebook or make your own username and password.
  4. Click on this link to join the CIC group and access the CAE study materials: 501 students click here 801 students click here:
  5. Explore the materials and play some games.

Extra Studying/Reading

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Comics and Graphic Novels in English
CAE study guide - site for reading in English online.