CAE Reading

(1 hour 10 minutes)

Reading Action Plan:

  1. Read the introduction to the text, noticing the theme
  2. Don’t forget to read the title of the text because this will give you an idea of what it’s about, Example: Marketing the Veg-O-Matic / The summer’s hottest window trends
  3. Read the text quickly to get a general idea of its contents.
  4. Read each question carefully; decide whether it is a question about a specific piece of information in the text or about the general theme, purpose or opinion of the text.
  5. Underline words, sections, phrases related to each question.
  6. Read underlined sections carefully and choose which option best reflects what it says.
  7. Remember that the correct option will probably use different words to express the idea in the text.
  8. Don’t choose an answer because it uses words or phrases from the text – incorrect answers often repeat language in the text.
  9. Before choosing your final answer read the other options and tell yourself why these options are not correct.

Part 1 - Multiple choice (6 questions) 17.5 mins

In this section you will have 3 short texts with 2 questions for each text and 4 possible answers for each question.
Read the questions first and then look for the relevant sections of the test, you don't have time to read the whole text.

Part 2 Gapped Text (6 questions) 17.5 mins

In this section you have a long text with several paragraphs missing, fill the gaps with the correct paragraphs.
Read the removed paragraphs and underline information that will help link it to the text, pronouns, linking words, references. Don't read the whole text, read the sections either side of the gaps to find clues linked to the missing paragraphs.

Part 3 Multiple Choice (7 questions) 17.5mins

This section is similar to section 1 but with one long text in place of 3 short ones.
Again read questions first and look for relevant information.