CAE Speaking Videos

Here are some links to youtube videos of the CAE speaking exam. Although the candidates in these videos aren't great they give a good idea of the structure of the exam.

Part 1 - Three-way conversation between two students and one examiner (3 minutes)

The examiner will ask you some questions about yourself, your interests and experiences.

Part 2 - Individual "long turn" with brief response from partner (4 minutes)

You are given a set of three pictures and a theme. You must talk about this theme including 2 of the 3 pictures for 1 minute.

Your partner will then have to answer 1 question about your pictures, you will have to do the same after your partner's long turn.

Part 3 - Collaborative task, two-way interaction with your partner (4 minutes)

You are given some visual prompts for a discussion or problem solving exercise, discuss them with your partner.

Part 4 - Further discussion based on topics raised in part 3, three-way interaction with your partner and the examiner. (4 minutes)

The examiner will ask your questions going into detail about themes raised in part 3.

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