CAE Study Guide

Use of English

There are Use of English papers you can use to practice here:
There are 3 different papers, do 1 a day, make notes on your mistakes and redo the same paper, it helps to make the information stick.

Part 1:

Study Quizlet sets on Collocations, verbs / adjectives with prepositions etc. Then try a practice paper from flo-joe or one from the book, I’ll give you the answer key.

Part 2:

Past papers on flo-joe or go back over your notes.

Quizlet sets on verbs / adjectives with prepositions and collocations also help.

Part 3:

There are lots of sets on quizlet for word formation. Also you can download a word formation list here:!190&authkey=!ACS0L7Fi2v-suyo
Then do past papers on flo-joe.

Part 4:

For this part it is a good idea to study collocations, there are some sets on quizlet and you can download word lists here:!194&authkey=!AIDza1OWzb6yBCc
Or lexical phrase list from here:!197&authkey=!AH-GLrI0X_c_wGs
Then there are past papers on flo-joe.

Part 5:

There are lots of key word transformation sets and phrasal verb sets on quizlet and past papers on flo-joe.
Also check flo-joe’s daily word bank for new vocabulary:


Download the examples of each different writing task and check out the page on the wiki called CAE writing text types explained.
Remember part 1 is compulsory and it will be one of the following: an article, a report, a proposal or a letter. So make sure you know the conventions for these 4 really well.
Also check out flo-joe’s writing class:
There are lots of activities for linking words and expressions, formal / informal language etc.


There’s only 1 Reading paper on flo-joe but it’s better than nothing. I will give you more readings in class.


If you want to practice listening you can use this website:
There are a lot of different listening exercises with comprehension questions and vocabulary questions. Try some.

Questions or Doubts

If you have any questions or doubts or if you want me to send you the answer keys for any of the activities from the book that we haven’t done email me, my address is