FCE – CAE Language Upgrader

Here I will try to offer more advanced alternatives to common phrases.
I like …………………………..
I’m keen on / fond of……………………….
I like / enjoy + action
I like swimming.
I enjoy playing the guitar.
I like travelling.
I’m a keen / avid + noun
I’m a keen swimmer.
I’m an avid guitarist.
I’m an avid traveller.
I like reading.
I’m a (bit of a) bookworm.
I’m an avid reader
I like / am interested in cinema / music / history / art / etc.
I’m a (bit of a) film / music / history / art buff.
I like computers.
I’m a (bit of a) computer geek.
I like shopping.
I’m a (bit of a) shopaholic.
I work a lot.
I’m a (bit of a) workaholic.
I like dangerous sports
I’m a bit of a risk taker / adrenalin junky / daredevil.
I like relaxing at the weekend.
I like to recharge my batteries at the weekend.
I like to get away from the hustle and bustle of my job / school / the city.
I can’t remember the word for…..
The word is on the tip of my tongue
The word escapes me at the moment but….
I’m addicted to (chocolate, a television series)
I’m hooked on
(Girls) I like shopping, make-up, fashion and romantic comedies.
I’m a (bit of a) girly girl.
(Boys) I like sport, beer, and women.
I’m a (bit of a) man’s man.
I’m very fit.
I’m in tip top condition.
I don’t drink alcohol
I’m teetotal.
I am / was very good at school.
I am / was a teacher’s pet / top of my class at school.
I need English for my course / job.
English is a requirement of my course / job.
I need English for my career
If you want to get ahead in life you need English.
I’ve been studying English for a long time.
I’ve been studying English for ages.
I’ve been studying English for as long as I can remember.
I speak English every day at Uni / work.
English is an essential / key part of my everyday life.