FCE Study Guide.

Use of English

Past papers on:
Part 1: Quizlet collocation sets and verbs / adjectives with prepositions, also use past papers from book.
Part 2: Past papers from book.
Part 3: Quizlet sets on word formation, play games or do learn or test mode, then do a past paper.
Part 4: Quizlet sets on different transformations by grammar section, then do past papers.
This is flo-joe’s word bank where you can learn 1 new phrasal verb, word formation or collocation a day.


Flo-joe has an excellent section on the writing paper where you can revise key expressions for formal letters, as well as linking words and other things.


Flo-joe has loads of online reading tests, time yourself, remember 20 minutes per exercise.


elllo is a great website which has thousands of different listening exercises for all different levels, try a few.


Practice with the pictures from the book, try recording yourself and listening back to it for mistakes, try to meet up with your partner to practice together.

Good Luck!!