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Here is the story we looked at in class:

It was nearly midnight but he was still sitting at his desk trying to finish the last of the day’s work. She was standing by the filing cabinet pretending to organise some papers. Really, she was looking at him nervously, trying to think of something to say.

Earlier that day, they had argued. She had spilt his coffee over his desk and ruined the report he had been working on all week.He had shouted at her and told her she was useless.

Now, as she looked at him, all the memories of the horrible things he had said over the years came back to her. She walked calmly over to her desk and picked up the silver letter opener. She moved slowly back toward the filing cabinet and as she stepped behind him she could smell his cheap aftershave. With a look of hate on her face, she took the letter opener and cut his throat. As he fell forwards, dark red blood spilt over the papers and onto the floor.