Quizlet.com is a useful tool for practicing vocabulary and structures.

It is very simple to use;
  • go to www.quizlet.com
  • open your facebook in another tab.
  • click "login with facebook" in the top right hand corner. Facebook will ask you to allow quizlet to use your personal data.
  • Quizlet will show a page about the premium version which you have to pay for, but don't worry QUIZLET IS FREE scroll down to the button which says continue to free quizlet.
  • Once you have signed up for quizlet you can join the class group. Go to the search box and search for your class. (Tim's CAE exam class or Sunion)
  • You need to apply to enter the class group, I will confirm your identity.
  • Once your are a member of the group you can use any of the flashcards sets in the group to practice vocabulary and structures from class
  • You can study the vocab or structures and then you can play games with it, there is a league for each class!
  • I will put new vocabulary from class onto the group so you can practice it

If you have a smartphone you can use quizlet wherever you are, good for last minute revising before the exam!!